The Extreme 40 was created with two things in mind, action and adrenline! TornadoSport created the concept of the Extreme 40 with designer Yves Loday, filling the gap  in the Grand Prix sailing market for a fast, inshore catamaran, which would be not only exciting to watch but cost effective to run. 

The Concept

The concept is to build an easy to sail, light weight, fully carbon fibre racing catamaran. The boat will fit inside a normal 40ft shipping container on its own road trailer. The assembly is quick (around 6 hours for 3 crew) and then just add water for instant fun.

30 kts Speed

The boat is estimated to reach speeds of 30 knots on flat water in around 20-25 knots wind. They will also fly a hull in as little as 8 knots, an exciting spectacle for onlookers!

High quality construction

The construction is of the highest quality currently available. The Extreme 40 is built entirely in an Autoclave from prepreg carbon fibre with a nomex core. The boat is not intended to cross Ocean’s although it is easily strong enough to take on the toughest conditions involved in coastal and inshore races.​