The excitement of a beach cat yet the power of an ocean racing multihull

The design and creation of the Extreme 40 by the Olympic Tornado Catamaran champions Yves Loday and TornadoSport brought together the excitement of a beach cat ride and combined it with the power and speed of a big cat.

High tech production technology

The master shape has been produced by milling at one of the best aeronautic and race car facilities in France. The moulds have been produced by Heol Composites, who are one of the leading producers of high tech boat construction, which are then used to create the finished hulls, at Marstrom Composites AB, in Sweden.

At Marstrom Composites AB, the boat is produced in an autoclave from carbon fibre and Nomex core. This technology is normally reserved for aircraft construction or F1 car racing with use in the yachting industry normally limited to custom high end race yachts. The autoclave is a pressurised oven that allows a much greater vacuum on the laminate, which is then baked at 120 Degrees Celsius. This produces the ultimate high strength light weight structure.

The Extreme 40 is the largest boat ever built in autoclave and will set the new standard in mid size multihull construction.

Boat Spec

Length (LOA): 40ft (12.19m)
Beam: 26ft (7.92m)
Displacement: 1250kg
Mast height: 62ft (18.89m)
Mainsail: 75msq
Jib: 25msq
Gennaker: 78msq
Top speed: 30 knots

Boat Designer:   Yves Loday, in collaboration with TornadoSport

Boat Builder:   Marstrom Composites